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Scroll down to watch an interview with Alexis and Adam or continue scrolling to read snippets from the video. 

***Footage and text have been edited for clarity.***

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They met on a dating app. After a few great dates, they discovered that they shared similar interests and values, and realized that they wanted to be together. Two and a half years later, they moved in together. 

"I chose to love Alexis and Alexis chose to love me..." - Adam

Full video - Alexis and Adam

Full video - Alexis and Adam

Full Interview

"She's very accepting about who I am and what I like and my interests." - Adam

"The app brought us together, but we took the dates to really get to know each other." - Adam

What is your
love story?

In Their Own Words


"We met through Bumble, the dating app. We just got lucky through there. And then on the first date,  we hung out at Round One, which is kind of like a Dave and Buster's at the mall that's out here in the suburbs. We just chatted, played pool, and had a couple of drinks. And it went great from there."


"We didn't actually know each other's last names until a month after seeing each other, so we couldn't even Facebook stalk each other... We just let it grow organically. Sure, the app brought us together, but we took the dates to really get to know each other."


"We try to go out on dates as much as we can. He's still in grad school, I'm still working full we're just kind of balancing that out. And now here we are, two-and-a-half years later, and it's still working out."

Our Love Story

What do you love about your partner?

In Adam's Words

She's Nerdy and Accepts My Interests

 "She was nerdy and very self-conscious about all the (nerdy) stuff that I like... So, knowing someone out there that's also kind of nerdy... they might not be like the same kind of nerd that I am, but at least they'll be more accepting to that.

She's very accepting of who I am, what I like, and my interests. And sure, sometimes she'll give me a couple of weird looks...but at the end of the day, she's very accepting of my interests, so I can actually be more comfortable around her. I was very happy and fortunate about that."

In Alexis's Words

He's Nerdy

"He's nerdy, I'm kind of nerdy. He loves Marvel, I love Marvel...But we also have differences. He's into anime, it's not really my thing. He's into all these like video games, TV shows, and other things that are on a different path than I am. So I think it's just that healthy mix."

"She didn't expect to be with such a hopeless romantic." - Adam

What is your advice for singles?

Click on the tiles below to hear Adam and Alexis's advice for singles and new couples. 

Advice for Singles

"I never expected to love Alexis but here I am, happier than ever." - Adam

What makes a relationship successful?

Relationship Tips

"Communication is at least a step in the right direction. And everyone's relationship is different, of course. So maybe it's not like "Step A is this, Step B is this, step C is this" but it's a general place to like start looking into." - Alexis

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