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Scroll down to watch an interview with Georgiana and Adam or continue scrolling to read snippets from the video. 

***Footage and text have been edited for clarity.***

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They were friends for a year while working as college RAs in the same building. Despite how much she professed her feelings to him, he wouldn't reveal that he liked her. After mixed signals and long-distance dating, they moved in together.

"Georgi is very flirty and straightforward, so whenever she had asked me out and was being very forward, I thought she was just joking around." - Adam

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"Georgi said, ‘I would rather have loved and lost than never have loved at all’. It was really cute. So eventually, I came around." - Adam

"I liked her, but I didn't want to start a relationship four months before moving." - Adam

What is your
love story?

In Their Own Words


"We were friends for a year and a half in college before we started dating-- we were both RAs (resident assistants), so we became really close friends before anything ever happened. I would ask him out all the time, and he would reject me all the time. I'm used to getting rejected, it's not a big deal, but my saying used to be, “You should always say what's on your mind and tell people how you feel, even if you get rejected or whatever, it's not really a big deal.” It's not like anyone owes you anything. So, I got rejected a bunch of times, and that's fine. And after a while, I would date around. And, eventually, after we were friends for that long, one winter break, I texted him and said, “I miss you.” But then asked him to know if I make him uncomfortable…as a “friend” because I didn't want to gross him out...

After a month of hanging out a lot more than we had before, I told him that I liked him. And he said, “Oh, I don't like you like that. And there were so many mixed signals because I had been talking to his friends and they had told me, “He likes you so much.” 

Our Love Story

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In Adam's Words

I Feel Comfortable Around Her (and She's Fun and Smart)

"We really clicked, so we would bounce off of each other when we were joking around so it made hanging out fun. We were friends for a long time. We obviously enjoyed each other's presence very much. As we started dating, the relationship just grew. One of my favorite things about it was how comfortable I could be around her…I never thought I'd be so comfortable with somebody. So that was really nice to have. And she's a ball of fun and very smart." - Adam

In Georgi's Words

He's Smart

"I wouldn't date a lot of people because intelligence is a really big thing. And he's smart...

You might like someone's personality and find them attractive. But if I can't have a certain level of conversation with someone, it's done. It's the biggest turnoff ever. I don't know why. Or if someone says something that's really stupid or culturally stupid. So sometimes you'll date people who want to date you because of your race, which is weird. So that would happen a couple of times. And that was definitely cringy. But we were friends, so I had already sussed all that out. Because if he said certain things, I probably wouldn't have been his friend either." - Georgi

"The reason I love her is that I can rely on her. She’s my person. And I can rely on her if I have an issue or if I need help. I can rely that she'll be that person who helps me with anything." - Adam

What is your advice for singles?

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